We Offer 2 Types of Screen Replacements:

Generic: High Quality Replica Screen

Genuine: Original Manufacturer Part

If the device has damaged back glass, we don't just stick on a new bit of glass as most of our competitors do, we fix this by replacing the whole chassis as manufacturer guidelines, to ensure a solid and sealed repair that lasts.

Data Transfer (Device to Device)
Software Fix or Reinstallation

iPhone X Screen Replacement
Earpiece/Receiver Repair

Earpiece/Receiver Replacement

Wireless Charging Pad Replacement
Back/Main Camera Replacement

Front Camera Replacement
Speaker Replacement (Loud Speaker)
​Microphone Repair
Back Glass/Housing Replacement

Antenna/Wi-Fi Reception Recovery
ON/OFF - Lock Button Replacement
Volume Button Replacement
Replacement Battery  (Installed)
USB/Charging Port Repair 

USB/Charging Port Replacement                             

Apple iPhone X 

£10 to £25


£45 / £80









From £30