Evidently, we were on to something!

Today we’re growing at the speed of technology. With a legion of loyal fans, and superstar customer service we’re turning “bad” into “good” every single day. And we’re
just getting started!

OnSite provides most services related to electronics and technology, from repairs to buying and selling, our experienced and professional staff are here to help.

We have the knowledge to deliver jargon free advice and skills to deliver quick, professional repairs. We stock competitively priced Desktop Computers, Tablets, Laptops and Gadgets.

Onsite aim to assist you in a hassle free technology future. 

​WHEN WE OPENED OUR DOORS IN 2013, technology was evolving by the minute. Everywhere we looked, people were using awesome new gadgets and electronics—
and dropping them, and spilling drinks on them,
and having all sorts of accidents. Meanwhile,
the repair market was living in the past.

Insurance? The only thing worse than the flimsy protection was the awful customer service.​ plus being without your device for too long is more than just an inconvenience.

We thought it was time to move things forward!

Our big idea? Give people a Professional, Guaranteed, Same day* Repair Service that covers the breaks, spills & mishaps of everyday life and most importantly treat our customers like we'd want to be treated.​

We love tech and people!

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